Why do Patients Travel to India for Surrogacy


 Starting a family is a long-cherished dream in everyone's life. But there are many people who are not fortunate enough to realize their dream of being blessed naturally, there are many who are waiting for long to have their own children, for one reason or another, this can be due to their inability to conceive or carry pregnancy to its term like for  women suffering from severe debilitating illnesses such as Severe Diabetes, Hypertension, cardiac, liver or kidney disease wherein they can get pregnant but cannot carry a pregnancy to term without jeopardising their and the babies health or maybe it is medically not possible for them to conceive like in case woman suffering from MRKH syndrome or women who have to undergo chemo or radiation therapy because of different kinds of cancers and many such factors.

Further adding to this delay in planning families, increasing stress and changing lifestyles have hugely contributed to the increase in infertility rates as-well as are cause of immense concern in pregnancy Term.

For such patients Surrogacy is a last resort of Infertility Treatment after all other attempts medical avenues have failed.

Surrogacy consists of many parties, the Intended Parents, Medical facility where the process is being carried out, the ART Bank and the Surrogate Mother herself.

Much has been debated in Media about the process as a whole, about how Intended Parents,  Medical Facilities, ART Banks, and Surrogate Mothers have benefitted from this process or otherwise. But focus of such debates on Surrogate Mother either stops on the remuneration she receives in a poor country like India or either on the exploitation point of view. Later one, which the media portrays often as it helps them gain their T.R.P.

Through this article we would like to bring true picture and a positive prospective of what happens to a Surrogate Mother; emotionally/ financially/ health wise/ family wise and reasons, benefits etc. from the period she decides to become a Surrogate to the day she delivers and handovers the child to the Intended Parents.

Surrogate Mothers are often stated as selfless and special women, willing to help childless couples have the best gift of their lives. Intended parents opting for Surrogacy have to rely on the Surrogate Mothers for delivery of their children and this method has been into practice for ages now.

How a Surrogate Mother is recruited

The surrogacy clinic implements a proper surrogate screening process for ensuring that surrogates are physically and mentally stable to bear someone else’s child. For becoming a Surrogate Mother in India, the woman has to deliver a child of her own first and should have experience in parenting at least one. She should not have more than 2 children or should not have been through more than 2 deliveries. The woman must have uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries, as well documented by the medical records. Age also plays a major factor while consulting a woman willing to become a Surrogate Mother. She should be within a span of 21 to 35 years of age and with normal height and weight patterns. Surrogate Mother needs to be a legal resident of the country where she is planning to bear the child of Intended parents.

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