Legal Experts In house

Mr ATM Rangaramunujum SR Advocate Supreme Court of India

Mr P K Mullick Advocate Supreme court of India

Mr Ranajn Mukerjee Advocate Supreme Court of India

Mr K Devanath Advocate

Mr A N Rammanohar Advocate

Mr A Bhasker Advocate

Mr Ashok Advocate

Mr V Suresh Advocate

Mr K V shekar Advocate

 Medical treatments have evolved a long way in the last 25 to 30 years and treatments and procedures which were once in the realm of science fiction are now a possiility

to keep up with the advancents,hospitals  need a strong legal team to keep them  upto date and help their patients when the need arises

procedures such as surrogacy, organ transplants  etc involve third parties and are counted as medico legal procedures

our team of in house legal luminaries will help our patients undergoing such procedures with various logistical requirements such as locating oocuyte donors ands surrogate mothers for our infertile patients and also guide with the correct legal procedure of proceeding with organ transplants.