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Surrogacy Services and Costs




Once you enroll with us you are in expert hands with a combined work experience of more than 120 years in the field of assisted reproduction

We offer a Secure/Guaranteed Surrogacy package with self gametes as well as Egg donation and Surrogacy.


Our package SERVICES and COSTS Include:

In collaboration with  ART (Assisted Reproductive technology  Bank ) KIC offers the following services for egg donation and surrogacy.

  • – Psychological screening for Surrogate
  • – Surrogate(s) mother medications and all necessary tests prior to Embryo transfer
  • – All necessary medications for Surrogate(s) mother after Embryo  transfer
  • – Surrogate compensation Through ART Bank
  • – Surrogate food and boarding Through ART Bank
  • – Monthly expense allowance for Surrogate’s family
  • – Surrogate Mother’s counseling and special care and diet for 9 months arranged by ART
  • – Maternity clothing allowance by ART Bank
  • – Egg donor medical consultations, shots, scans, and all necessary medicalbprocedures
  • – Egg Retrieval (medical clinic, doctors, surgeons, specialist,products, etc.)
  • – Egg donor (s) post operative care
  • – Sperm donor medical consultations, tests, medications
  • – Sperm washing and analysis for IVF
  • – ICSI (intra cytoplasmic sperm injection)
  • – Embryo tests and embryo processing
  • – Embryo freezing & storage
  • – IVF procedure (clinic, doctors, specialist, products and meds)
  • – Multiple Embryo transfers
  • – Surrogate post ET care
  • – Surrogate emergency medical, doctors, surgeons, and specialist
  • – Child delivery charges (doctors, surgeons, nurses, products and medications)
  • – Caesarean section
  • – Administration and Surrogate Mother’s monthly scans and reports
  • – Legal Contracts
  • – Birth certificate(s) and all birth related documents
  • – Surrogate 24/7 access to Doctors
  • – All hospital charges for services and procedures till child birth.
  • We offer a  Guaranteed Surrogacy package with Egg donation and Surrogacy.


    For many infertile couples who are unable to achieve pregnancy through conventional treatments, third-party surrogate parenting offers tremendous hope for success.